Cassava Dryland To Banana Island

Do you have dreams to

-Own your own house?
-Become the landlord of your own properties?
-Build your parents a house?
-Become a real estate investor with peace of mind?
-Build a career in the real estate industry?
-Become wealthy through real estate investments.
-Diversify your Investment in real estate?

… then this book is for you.

In this book, I shared how to really achieve your dreams living anywhere in Nigeria through real estate.

Real estate has been said to be the most lucrative instrument for wealth creation. There is no wealthy person around the world that hasn’t leveraged on real estate as you will soonest find out in this book.

In this book you will learn:

1. How Real Estate work in Nigeria
2. Why you have a dream to fulfil and how to live that dream through real estate acquisition.
3. How Banana Island became one of the most expensive island in the world.
4. How to build your real estate acquisition goals from Cassava Dryland To Banana Island
5. The untold benefits of real estate investment in Nigeria.
6. Major facts about real estate investment you probably don’t know exists.
7. The major challenges in real estate others faced and how to walk over it seamlessly.
8. How to carry out your due diligence when next you’re buying real estate anywhere in Nigeria.
9. How to relate with land owners (omo onile) without paying a dime again.
10. How to identify a plot of land anywhere in Nigeria.
11. How to build your first house as well as acquire your first property.
12. What most people do and how you must avoid it by all means.
13. Why the internet is more a blessing than a curse for real estate investors.
14. How to diversify your Investment within the real estate sector.
15. How to leverage on opportunities around you that you probably won’t find anywhere on the internet.

And many more…

If you think you need any of the information listed above then you should get a copy of this book now that it’s FREE.

Mind you, I am very sure of what you are about to get from this book BUT I am not sure you’d write back to me as I requested for a review from you. I hope to get your review after reading this book.

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