No matter who you are or where you live on the surface of the earth, you have a dream to fulfil. You have aspirations for life. You have places you would like to visit or live, families you want to raise, cars you want to drive, and the kind of home you want to build. All these are your aspirations. The tendency that your current situation is no longer appealing to you is high, you are already dreaming of moving to a new location, adding beauty to your current possession. Your desires are strong! Those are indications that you have dreams.

Growing up as young adults was without doubt the most exciting period of our lives. We had so many things we would look up to having and becoming to make our living on earth a worthwhile journey. Several times, we wanted to become Pilots, Medical Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, etc. Just a few people wanted to become teachers, traders etc. Yet one thing was common to all and that is ‘the desire to be better, do better and even own better things’. We had dreams of beautiful things we have seen either on screens (TV) or on the streets (neighbourhood). We wanted those expensive items without minding their cost. We wanted our parents to buy us an aeroplane without an idea of what it could cost. Being young was the purest part of our lives. We were so innocent that we wanted everything.  

Now, let’s get back to the present times. You are still alive! So you have every opportunity to dream, only that this time you have been through a lot and achieved a part of your dreams but still look forward to more. The more you see a new day, the more you dream new dreams. 

Dreams are not specially crafted plans, they are peculiar to you. There is nothing you want to have or become that someone somewhere in the world hasn’t accomplished. Your dream may or may not be unique. Nothing is new in this world. People are living in your dream world already.  

Your dream house is someone else’s reality. Your dream car is already being tested and driven by another or used as a taxi in another country.

An example is the ‘Banana Island’ we are focusing on in this book. Ask anyone who knows how luxurious this particular place is and you would most likely hear them say ‘they would like to live there.’ Who doesn’t like good things anyways! No, Banana Island is not just a beautiful place to live but one of the most expensive places in Lagos, Nigeria. It has one of the highest densities of millionaires within its boundaries. It is home to the likes of Mike Adenuga, Iyabo Obasanjo, Saayu Dantala and a host of other elites. If Banana Island was your dream, people are living there already. 

My point of emphasis here is that your dream is possible, and one of the ways to agree with me is that there are those living in your dream already. The car you desired was built by someone who had probably test-driven it and even sold to the highest bidder in an open auction. The beautiful kids you wanted, and the lovely, caring partner you wished for is also the reality of some ‘privileged’ persons around you including me. 

You have dreams that must be fulfilled while you are here on earth. There is no point in waiting to have all the resources you need before you start living them. This is the essence of this book. To show you how best you can live anywhere in Nigeria and still live your dreams leveraging on real estate investment. 

The truth is, living your dream will not come cheaply, you will need money (enough of it) to get the good things your heart desires. Real estate is no doubt the fastest route I know you can take to arrive at that destination. This book will surely open your eyes to see how to create the wonders around you living anywhere in the world.

Culled from the book: From Cassava Dryland To Banana Island by Olaotan Jeremiah